Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heading Home

Today we leave our hotel by 7:30 for our flight to DET, all goes well. Our seats are the 2nd to last row from the back. I'm quite irritated that all bulk head seats were taken up by teenagers seemingly annoyed to have to look down at their tv screens. What a waste for these seats not being able to be used for families with small children on an 14 + hr flight. Evangeline doesn't sleep for more than 2 1/2 hrs during this entire trip. We walk the plane many many times and know almost all passengers by the time this seemingly never ending flight is finally over.
We are very very happy to land in DET especially after we had been told the flights may not go so well for our baby girl. Landing in Detroit makes our daughter officially an american citizen.
Customs, Immigration and all  take long enough that there isn't much spare time to get to our last flight to Charlotte. This 2 +- hr flight goes well too and we are only 1 more leg away from home.
Once Dad picks up the car we finaggle the car seat which has to be adjusted so much to get E to fit into it properly.
Once in the seat Evangeline is NOT HAPPY. She HATES the car seat.
After the first 1 1/2 hrs of screaming she finally falls asleep for the last hour.
We arrive finally just past 9 pm. All our older kids are home and welcome us warmly.
Everyone is excited to see and hold the baby we have been waiting for soooo long.
We are so very happy to finally be a united family.
After a quick, late dinner at Applebees we spend our first night at home. Evangeline and Mia both pack into our bed making for a cozy night.

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